Fairview Farms Alpacas

Fairview Farms

Fairview Farms is a dynamic family run alpaca ranch specializing in all facets of the alpaca industry.  Visitors will see an actual working alpaca ranch including the pens, barns, feeding areas, stalls and some of the various equipment used in raising and training alpacas. Your visit can also include some hands-on activities and participating in the some of the daily farms chores. You will have the opportunity to experience the fineness of the alpaca fleece by petting and placing your hands on these loving animals. Learn about the intricacy and precision involved with showing these animals in national competitions and see the numerous ribbons these animals have earned. Owners Robert and Deann Baldwin have traveled the United States to compete in National Alpaca Shows and their animals have brought home many first place awards.


Fairview Farms offers an in-depth and educational look into the life of alpacas. The alpaca is a unique, docile, and very loving animal. They are extremely intelligent, with each having its own distinct personality. Alpacas are very curious by nature and love children.  Alpacas are raised for their luxurious fleece (known to be of a higher quality than cashmere).


Fairview Farms also offers a bit of history. The Baldwin family has worked hard in restoring two barns, one of which is approximately 100 years old and was moved into its current location. The renovation of these barns is ongoing, as well as starting renovation on the old farmhand house. This house will be turned into a fiber arts classroom and gift store.


A visit to the farm will take you back in time. Discover the lost art of hand spinning and watch as DeAnn Baldwin, an avid hand spinner, will demonstrate how the fleece from the alpacas is processed. You will learn how raw fiber is made into yarn, clothing, & textiles which make up the garments that we wear. There are also a variety of old fashioned games and activities for visitors of all ages. Children will learn about the benefits of composting and can plant a seed using compost to take home from the Criation Station™. 

Special tours and events are held throughout the year including the Alpaca Farm Day that is held in October. To find out about specific dates and times for events at Fairview Farms Alpacas, please call or visit the website.

For tours, directions to the farm and to schedule an appointment or arrange a field trip, please call in advance 785-628-6352.