George Grant Villa

George Grant, of Scottish nobility and a most successful silk merchant in London, England, was the founder of the English colony of Victoria, Kansas. He came to American in 1872, to explore the vast open plains country of mid America. He found what he was looking for in the fertile fields of Kansas. In late October 1872, he purchased an estimated 70,000 acres from the Kansas Pacific Railroad. This area was mostly south of the present day town of Victoria. George Grant hired an architect by the name of Mr. Edin to design his own Villa south of Victoria. Construction of the house was started in 1872, and completed in 1874, with an addition built in 1911. This two-story structure made of native limestone rock was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. Owners Susan (Baier) Legleiter and her husband Ron provide tours and explain the importance George Grant played in the development of this area by bringing the first Aberdeen-Angus cattle in 1873. Susan and Ron purchased 40+ acres in October 2011, which includes the house and farmstead with additional acres adjoining. Since acquiring the property, they have totally renovated the home and property. The structure of the home is original, as it was built with native limestone.