Lazy H Kansas Ranch

The Lazy H Kansas Ranch is part of the Lazy H Ranch based out of Larkspur, Colorado. It is a top genetic purebred Angus establishment that enhances many areas of the beef industry. The ranch is set up with a top of the line Embryo Transplant Program that enables their breeding program to utilize the best genetics there are to offer in the Angus breed. Through embryo transplant, artificial insemination, ultrasound pregnancy testing, ultrasound carcass scan testing, DNA, GeneStar, feedlot data and hanging carcass data, they are able to enhance breeding, making decisions, and future profit, as well as pass these outstanding genetics on to customers to give them a jump start in their programs. On a guided tour, visitors will see the pastures, feeding areas, bull pens and tour the modern headquarters and breeding facility. An annual bull sale is held in the spring each year. Call 785-625-4650 for details.