Cheyenne Indian Raid Gravesite

This is the grave site of six railroad workers killed by Cheyenne Indians on August 1, 1867. The workers had detached themselves from the main work camp and were unarmed when surprised by Indians. Historians disagree on the exact location where the attacks occurred outside of Victoria, but a little known fact is that there were actually 7 workers attacked and killed on that day. One worker survived long enough to make his way to Fort Hays, but later died of his wounds and was buried at the Fort. The known graves at the fort have since been relocated. The other six workers were buried at this grave site just outside of Victoria. A ceremony was held on June 5, 2003 to replace a headstone that had turned up missing from this Union Pacific Cemetery. A mysterious headstone had somehow ended up in Ellsworth County, and with the research done by several local historians, they were able to determine the origination of the headstone and bring the marker back to its resting place in the Union Pacific Cemetery at Victoria.