Custom Tours

Activities and Free Tours

Do you need some ideas for special programs or a group tour for your conference or meeting? We can help suggest activities that will provide your group with something more than just all day business meetings.

How about challenging your imagination and creating a beautiful work of pottery art? Why not get outdoors and stretch while you enjoy one of our historic walking tours or a scenic fitness trail.

We can provide you with ideas for many free tours and special activities that you can plan for your group.
  • Fort-Blockhouse-Shopping 
  • Sightseeing tour in the Downtown Hays
  • Tour of the Hays art galleries
  • Fort Hays State University art sculptures
  • Tour the NCK Technical College
  • Driving tour to the historic sites in Downtown Hays
  • Shopping and sightseeing tour to craft shops in Hays
  • Walking tour of historic sites in Downtown Hays
  • History of the Germans from Russia
  • Visit Frontier Park and the Buffalo Herd
  • Walking and driving tour of the military attractions in Hays
  • Tour EnerSys battery manufacturing facility
  • Tour of the Kansas Merci Boxcar and Veterans Park
  • Disc Golf at Frontier Park
  • Tour RANS aircraft manufacturing facility
  • Volga Germans of Ellis County
  • Center for Ethnic Studies at Fort Hays State University
  • Visit the Center for Health Improvement and Hays Medical Center
  • Driving tour of the historic sites in Hays
  • Experience art at FHSU
  • Tour of the antique shops in Ellis, Kansas
  • Kansas State University Ag research center
  • Tour  Fort Hays State University Farm
  • Tour Hays Academy of Hair Design
  • Visit TMP - Marian High School

Museum and attractions

Tours of the local museums and a visit to the attractions in our area will provide your group with a glimpse of the history and heritage of Hays.

These tours and activities can be arranged for a small admission fee or donation for the tour guide/presenter:
  • Tour of Stone Gallery
  • Tour of Old Fort Hays Historic Site
  • Swimming at Hays Aquatic Park
  • Tour of the Volga German attractions and churches
  • Walker Army Air Base display
  • Bowling
  • Tour Sternberg Museum of Natural History
  • Tour Walter P. Chrysler Boyhood home in Ellis, Kansas
  • Tour Ellis Railroad Museum and Doll Display in Ellis, Kansas


Contact the Hays CVB at 1-800-569-4505 for recommendations and assistance in arranging any of these tours or activities for your convention or meeting.