Mount Allen Cemetery

Visitors to the Mount Allen Cemetery can piece together much of the interesting history of Hays through the grave markers and headstone inscriptions. The land for the Mount Allen Cemetery was provided by Martin Allen, an early resident and businessman of Hays City. The Big Creek Land Company, with which Allen was involved, deeded a square block of land for the county courthouse and set aside a site for the cemetery. Mr. Allen's daughter, Clara, died in February of 1874 and he did not want her to be buried in the cemetery located just north of Hays City (now known as Boot Hill) where the "roughs", criminals and other desperadoes were buried. Clara Allen and many of the early residents that died in Hays City are buried in the northeast corner of the block, which is the oldest part of the cemetery.  The Ellis County Historical Society Museum has provided special narrated guided group tours through the cemetery. For more information about Mount Allen Cemetery, contact the Ellis County Historical Society Museum.
Historical Mount Allen Cemetery Map