Spring Gathering

While visiting our farmstead during the "Spring Gathering", you can enjoy strolling through the original hog barn and chicken coops filled with country crafts, rustic outdoor garden benches, birdhouses and hand~poured country candles. The farmstead is decorated with a spring gardening theme in a peaceful country setting. During the spring, you won't see pumpkins ready to be picked or the crops of mazes, but you will see our fields ready for planting. You'll see flowers blooming, plants sprouting and growing, and the majestic trees along Big Creek in the background with large cottonwood trees wrapping the farmstead. You may see occasional geese, deer or the sites and sounds birds flying by. During the evening, you can witness glorious Kansas sunsets! During the day we invite you to sit outside, enjoy homemade desserts from a local caterer, sip a cold refreshing bottled pop and take in the scenic view spring has to offer. This is the time for planting season and along with the pumpkin patch we have a rotating crop of corn, hay and milo mazes we plant. In the pumpkin patch alone, we plant approximately 3,500 pumpkin seeds with a mixture of varieties. So by fall, you can enjoy the Pick'ins and the Stroll'in!