Country Christmas

In the past, we have opened our home or the hog barn and chicken coops decorated with holiday decor. Local crafters provide many wonderful gift ideas while we provide the hand~poured candles, holiday CDs, jellies, spread and butters and more. Santa likes to visit and he is always anxious to hear any last minute "wish lists". The farmstead is lit up with colored lights, displays and holiday spirit. On the nights of our Country Christmas, we have a cozy campfire blazing. Marshmallows and hot cocoa are available. Due to the busy Holiday season, dates and hours may vary from year to year. Call for updated information as the holidays approach.

Cottage Lane Hand~poured Country Candles

Upon opening the Pumpkin Patch in the fall of 2001, "Pumpkin Pie " was our first fragrance released. We felt the candles would be a great addition to the pumpkin patch. Since the release of "Pumpkin Pie" we have seen much growth and we now have over 50 fragrances available. Each candle is individually hand~poured right here at our farmstead during our off season. The Country Cannery Container Candles are made from high quality wax blends, fragrance oils and essential oils. Each pint has unique character and provides at least 100 hours of wonderful scent throw! (Not only will you see them here, you may notice them sold at fund raisers and in other retail shops)