Fort Hays State University Memorial Union Art

Located in the Fort Hays State University Memorial Union is a collection of 145 artworks and framed prints. The collection includes original paintings, drawings, prints, photography, portraits and sculptures. The various works of art are located on both the first and second floor and in various meeting rooms and in the hallways. The public is welcome to view the displays of art any time during normal hours when the union is open.

Some of the original first paintings that began the collection were obtained in 1959, but it was not until 1970 that an annex to the union actually provided a space for an art gallery in the union. Through the 1980s and 1990s, additional art was added to the collection including the Kansas Wildlife Series. This collection includes ten beautiful water paintings depicting ducks, turkeys, quail, deer and a red tail hawk in their natural Kansas outdoor environment.

The first of the Encore Series framed prints is dated October 14, 1981 and the collection also includes the 25th Anniversary print from 2006. The autographed signature of rock and roll legend Pat Benatar is on the MUAB poster from November 13, 1982 as well as autographs from all the members in the band Cheap Trick on their promotional gig piece dated October 6, 1984.

The collection also includes a Jade Tiger, a portrait of current Fort Hays State University President Edward Hammond and bronze statue called the “The Boss”. It depicts “the wagon train master” and was donated to Fort Hays State University in memory of Ora J. Marshall by Everett Marshal and his family. Everett taught in the FHSU Mathematics Department 1945-1979. The sculptor was Lester G. Iden, Sr., a native Kansan, & brother of Ora

With the demolition of the Hays Opera House in the fall of 2012, the water color painting by Mabel Vandiver has become a historically significant piece. The painting “Hays Opera House” is located on the north end of the 2nd floor hallway.

A portrait of Jean Stouffer hangs in the Stouffer lounge located on the second floor. The description reads: Jean Stouffer, 1919 -1976, This lounge is dedicated to the memory of Jean Stouffer, Associate Dean of Students 1955 to 1976, whose untiring service to the university and its students remains an inspiration to everyone who knew and loved her. A part of Dean Jean’s generous bequest to Fort Hays State provided the funds to build and furnish this student lounge.